The Story of ChatMap-AI –From AigcToolify

ChatMap-AI is an AI tool for dialogue with maps

ChatMap AI is a map lookup tool based on ChatGPT. You can submit some documents such as "the capital of China", "the highest mountain in the world", "the five provinces with the highest population in China", and "states in the United States that legalize marijuana". These issues can be quickly located on the map using artificial intelligence technology. For map enthusiasts and historical and geographical researchers or journalists, the work efficiency can be greatly improved.

Why develop this product?

As a map enthusiast, I would stare at Google Earth for a long time when I was free. I like street views, different mountains and waters, and the wasteland of Siberia. Some sparsely populated islands often make me feel immersive.

When I use a regular map, it is difficult to connect some location features and historical information with the map. For example, if I want to know the largest lake in the world, first I will go to Google or Baidu to search for the specific English name, and then Google Maps. This process is boring and time-consuming.