Learn about major events in the AI ​​sphere in 30 seconds a day

  1. Volcano Engine released the large-scale model service platform "Volcano Ark", which provides enterprises with a full range of platform services such as model fine-tuning, evaluation, and reasoning (MaaS, Model-as-a-Service
  2. OpenAI has set up a new office in London, England, which is the company's first overseas branch
  3. Google Cloud CEO: We are having a "productive dialogue" with the EU on AI regulations
  4. Netease Games pushes AI patrollers, using large models to monitor minors for the first time to prevent addiction
  5. China Unicom released a large-scale graphic model "Honghu Graphical Large-scale Model 1.0", which can realize graphic and video clips in Wensheng
  6. Unity launches AI Hub, an AI software marketplace for developers
  7. Flush: Large model products are currently in the stage of filing with relevant competent authorities