Major Events in the AI Circle

Major Events in the AI Circle

1.OpenAI plans to turn ChatGPT into a super-intelligent personal work assistant

2.The growth rate of ChatGPT visits dropped sharply. The month-on-month growth rate in January was 131.6%, 62.5% in February, and 55.8% in March. It slowed down significantly in April, with a month-on-month growth rate of 12.6%. By May, it had become 2.8%. The month-on-month growth rate in June may be negative

3. Google is desperate, investing hundreds of millions of dollars in new models

Type Gemini (Gemini) will surpass GPT-4 and join

AlphaGo technology

4. The training speed of Baidu Wenxin Large Model V3.5 is increased by 2 times, and the reasoning speed is increased by 17 times

5. Huawei announced an important upgrade of the Pangu model in July

6. Zhou Hong: Many enterprises can meet the needs of tens of billions of large models. Hundreds of billions is a waste of cost; AI should not trigger large-scale layoffs