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What is Metaphysic AI creates generative AI video technology that allows for hyperrealistic and photorealistic visual effects. The company's software automates the process of creating high-quality synthetic media content using artificial intelligence. Metaphysic empowers creators and artists to de-age actors, perform face swaps, produce realistic dubbing and lip syncing, and create hyperrealistic avatars. With its industry-leading AI-generated content, Metaphysic has partnered with major Hollywood studios and producers on award-winning projects involving synthetic media technology. However, Metaphysic emphasizes an ethical approach to generative AI, aiming to shape a positive future for the responsible use of synthetic media. The company works with the Synthetic Futures initiative to promote creative applications of AI while minimizing potential risks and harms. Metaphysic's products include tools for live face swaps, copyright protection of AI likenesses, and avatar creation for the metaverse.

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